7 Ways to Lower your Move Costs

Here are 7 Ways to lower your move costs.

1. Disassemble all furniture ahead of time: This can be a big time saver. Most moving companies send their crews with a “basic” set of tools. These are all hand tools. Hand tools take longer to operate and have a higher risk of stripping screws and other hardware. If you don’t disassemble the furniture yourself, just providing a drill to the lead mover to use for the day, saves you a decent amount.

2. Ensure you are completely packed: We have seen time after time that a home not fully packed, adds several hours to the move and creates a bad experience for the client. If you pack yourself, you need to make sure very drawer, lamp, etc is packed. Refer to the blog “How to Pack When Moving?”.

3. Pack the boxes to the appropriate weight: I.E don’t pack a large box full of books. Or pots and pans in small boxes. This leads to either extra trips or slowing down the movers. All lead to costing the consumer more.

4. Stack your boxes 4 high: Stacking your boxes 4 high will allow for the movers to come straight in and slide their dollies under the stacks. Less time building stacks over the course of a 10 hour move saves money.

5. Provide a great moving environment to keep high energy and keep your movers motivated: There is a large cost difference between a motivated crew and an unmotivated crew. If I were the consumer, I’d supply a 24 pack of ice cold water and a sandwich tray. They will be appreciative, have more energy, and have higher spirits. I’d also think about playing music. Again, it should be music that the consumer likes and fits their family, but you’d be surprised how far a light beat of music from any genre goes.

6. Take the time to accurately describe the moving conditions: A huge mistake is not giving enough detail. If the crew comes undermanned, the work pace can dramatically slow down, costing you huge costs. Not to mention the poor experience that comes along with that for both parties. Make sure you describe things like specialty items. (i.e. pianos, pool tables, safes). Tell them if your driveway is steep or if where you are moving to has a steep driveway. Talk about things like if you have an art studio in the back yard where everything will have to be carried by hand through the back yard…

7. Shop other competitors: If you find an equivalent level company with a cheaper rate. Ask the company that you want to go with if they will match that rate. Companies will normally price match other companies.


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