How Much Should I Tip Movers?

Tipping My Movers

1. First, decide whether your movers earned a tip.

  • Did they work hard the entire time. (This means not taking excessive breaks, cursing, or displaying a poor work ethic)
  • Did they do what they said they would? Did they protect furniture and your home to your expectation?
  • Did they treat you and your family with respect?
  • Did they treat your belongings with respect?
  • Were they honest and courteous throughout the entire move?

If they did all of the above, and you want to tip, then you should.

2. What is the appropriate amount to tip your movers?

  • This is really at the total discretion of the client. Just for context, your typical mover probably makes about $500 per week hourly, so a little can go a long ways. If the job is 0-4 hours, normally a $10 cash tip each is plenty for the mover. If your move was 4-8 hours. Normally $20-$30 each is a good tip amount. If your job was 8-12 hours, $40-$50 each is a good amount. And if your job was 12+ hours, $50-$60 each is a good amount. You can always use this rule of thumb, 15% of the total bill equally split between all of the crew members.

3. Common Mistakes When Tipping Your Movers.

  • Don’t just hand the lump sum to the head mover. Depending on the moving company you selected, depends on the quality of the lead movers character. It’s not unheard of for the lead mover to just pocket all of the money and tell the crew they didn’t get a tip. Hand each crew member their portion.
  • Don’t tip before or in the middle of the move. Some people think it’s best to use the tip as a motivation. This can be the case, but also could leave to buyers remorse. You will not like if you tipped them thinking it would make them do a good job, and they do a bad job and you tipped a large amount. Always save the tip for after the move.
  • Tipping all movers equally. Although it’s a best practice to equally tip everyone, you don’t have to. If someone on the crew was really lazy or not to your expectations, don’t feel obligated to give them the same tip amount or even a tip at all.



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