Cross Country Moves

Tips For A Long Distance Move

Here are 7 things you can know when moving across state lines.

1. Ask if they are going to combine other people’s items in with yours. This is how van lines typically operate. This increases the risk of damage by the property having to be touched multiple times. You want to find a company that loads a truck with your items, and doesn’t touch it until they unload at your destination.

2. Ask the company to give you a guaranteed time frame. The last thing you want is to be without your belongings and no real understanding when it will arrive. Getting a timeline from the company will ensure you have your belongings in a reasonable amount of time.

3. Ask them if it will be their employees doing the loading and unloading or if they will be hiring a 3rd party company for the labor. You want to make sure it’s their employees. If it is a 3rd party company, they really have no control or recourse for those employees.

4. Ask them to provide you updates twice per day on where the truck is. Once in the morning when they leave and once at night when they arrive. This will ensure they stay on track and are leaving at a reasonable time each day. Drivers can only driver 11 hours in a day, so keep that in mind.

5. Collect a good inventory of what is going. Write down every furniture item you are moving. Have the company sign it acknowledging what they are taking. That will help you have something to go off of in the event an item comes up missing.

6. Don’t pay all up front. You should pay half of your move up front, and the other half when the job is complete. This will give you leverage when dealing with any failure in service.

7. Make sure they are sending enough employees. At least 2 people per full truck. If not, the chance of damage drastically increases.


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