How to Pack Boxes For Your Move

Packing Boxes For Your Move

When moving, the packing portion is the most important part of the move. The most adversity is faced for the crew when a client isn’t packed properly. Some clients choose to hire a company and others do it themselves. When doing it yourself, here are the things you need to make sure of.

1. Put the right items in the right type of box: Small boxes = Books, shoes, wine glasses, small decor, lamp shades, china, etc.. Medium boxes = Larger decor, decorative pillows, electronics, etc.. Large boxes: Bedding, large decor, things that are big but pretty light. Wardrobe box = All clothes, bedding, etc.. Dish Barrel = All dishes.

2. Fill your boxes to the top: You should ensure you pack the boxes in a manner to where the tops of the boxes are solid. Typically you can fill the box to the top and then put paper at the top to fill any left over space. You should be able to press on the tops of the boxes with medium pressure and they not cave in anywhere.

3. Box everything that can be box: You should box all lamps, table decor, garage items, etc.. All you should have left over is large garage tools, Tv’s, furniture, and potted plants.

4. Label Your Boxes Well: You should label each box with which room it belongs in and what contents are inside that box. That will ensure your movers can know what is in the box and where to place it during the unload portion of your move.

5. Make sure you pack all liquids and aerosols into one box: You will want to take those with you. The last thing you want is for a liquid to bust and get all over your furniture.

6. Do a final walk through the day before your movers arrive: Go through every drawer, closet, attic, and crevice and make sure everything is packed.

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