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How to Pack Boxes For Your Move

Packing Boxes For Your Move When moving, the packing portion is the most important part of the move. The most adversity is faced for the crew when a client isn’t packed properly. Some clients choose to hire a company and others do it themselves. When doing it yourself, here are the things you need to…

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7 Ways to Lower your Move Costs

Here are 7 Ways to lower your move costs. 1. Disassemble all furniture ahead of time: This can be a big time saver. Most moving companies send their crews with a “basic” set of tools. These are all hand tools. Hand tools take longer to operate and have a higher risk of stripping screws and…

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10 Steps to Choosing a Moving Company

Here are the top 10 things to do when choosing a mover. 1. When choosing a local mover, ask friends and family for referrals. Most everyone has moved at some point. Your friends and family can tell you someone they used and what type of experience they provided. You typically want to ask about their…

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